Friday 18th January

So here we are parked up with about 10 other motorhomes in a great little aire.

Being able to ski in and ski out of the aire was just brilliant. We took a blue down through the trees to pick up a poma button lift to take us to the main piste, which with perfect snow conditions and the place virtually to ourselves was just glorious… After a great first day on the slopes we later walked the 20 minutes up to the town brought some provisions and went to Le Grizzly for galettes and Breton cider

This would be our view if we didn’t have the Silver Screen wrapped around the front..

After another great day skiing in Praz de Lys that was only marred when Lesley got oil dripped onto her white ski jacket from one the wheels of the bearings that support the chair lift cable, me thinks much work with the stain remover would be required. That night Lesley decided to try the Remoska for the first time but unfortunately the butternut squash took ages to cook and eventually it had to be finished off in the oven. Despite the altitude and the cold we’d so far had a good couple of nights on hook up. Electric is brought using jetons or tokens, however the 3 Lesley put in at 8:30 last night were meant to last us until 8:30 the next morning? but stopped around midnight and with temperatures in the van of minus 11 we were very grateful for a cosy duvet.

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