Cluses van wash

Fitting not right yet but we’re learning

Everyone leaving for the UK today were on early flights, but with no plane to catch our departure was a bit more relaxed. That said after more snow overnight we had to back the van down the ramp and then had fun of getting the snow chains off! but it’s all good practice… The snowy run down to Cluses was straightforward and we found supplies at a Carrefour 30 minutes before the early Sunday closure.

The aire was easy also to find and after we’d used the Flot Blue we got talking to a couple who had sold their properties in the UK and moved out to Morzine and converted a large farm house into a fabulous ski chalet which they let in the winter whist they toured in their black 4×4 Hymer ML-T motorhome. (their garage organisation would have even made Trevor jealous!). ‘How the other other half motorhome’. After they’d serviced their immaculate MH, we decided to give our filthy van a well deserved wash. I think we must have looked rather silly when another camper van (Helen & Steve Roberts) turned up to witness us washing the van in the rain. With the rain still falling but with van a whole lot cleaner we attempted to recover our dignity by inviting the pair round for a cuppa. Sometime after they left and with the rain still falling we noticed damp patches on two of the cushions under both the side windows. It looks like the windows are leaking but it is strange that we didn’t see this in Cumbria (not that it ever rains there), anyway a new problem to be investigated.

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