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ABC holidays

We are not intending our tour to be an “oh no, not Another Bloody Castle holiday”. Castells on the other hand look like a mad idea which would be great to see. Originally from Catalonia. Castells were first documented as a cultural form in Tarragona in 1801.  Competitions are held […]

Trip, the light’s fantastic

I think it’s very bizarre that the temperature in some parts of the UK today are higher than here in the Costa Brava. However, temperature is not the whole weather picture. Here what you begin to notice is the light. The big blue, clear and near cloudless skies really do […]

M-m-m-my Girona

One of our catchy driving singalongs for the past wee while has been “My Girona” which as knowledgeable musical minded amongst you will know was that famous 1979 hit by the much forgotten ‘The Knack’. Except it wasn’t, well it was, but it was ‘My Sharona…! Ok, moving quickly on […]

Tavertet Ferrats

If you’ve been there or seen pictures of the Grand Canyon, Tavertet is like Arizona’s smaller cousin. The small town of Tavertet is located above some cliffs, 900m above sea level in an isolated spot some 12 km’s up a very windy dead-end road. The smartly presented village is uniform […]


We have Tim Berners-Lee to thank for today’s Waste Water Walk….! We wouldn’t have found the 7 Gorgs (seven waterfalls) route, if we had not discovered Culture Trip website whilst researching walks in Catalonia.  “Catalunya is home to one of the most visited cities in the world, however, many miss out […]


One of our favourite towns so far, Besalû’s iconic bridge set the tone for the tour around the maze of its medieval cobbled streets. Like much of this region the place is steeped in history of the conflicts that have played out here. Today Besalû is a magnet for tourists […]

It’s a Mad world

You know the world’s gone mad when you start your day being overtaken by a boat.. Before going to Figueres we thought we make a short detour round the bay of Roses and to see Empuriabrava. Empuriabrava is an altogether mad place, originally built on a swamp, it was transformed […]

Woken by the Rozzers

After a good night’s sleep, we awoke in time to watch the sun come up although disappointedly a few clouds spoilt the perfect sunrise image. As we sat drinking tea and making plans for the next few days. There was a knock on the hab door and a very stern […]

Signs and wines

As we would be leaving France soon we though we should add a couple more ‘Beau Villages’ scalps to increase our previous tally of five – I hope you’re keeping track? Our first stop was to walk the ramparts of Villefranche-de-Conflent, lying in a deep valley where the Cady and […]

Wrinkles and Cols

Anyone travelling down from Toulouse on the route to the eastern Pyrénées and Andorra would have, before the bypass was built, gone though the spa town of Ax-les-Thermes. Ax-les-Thermes is well known for its multiple naturally occurring hot springs, emanating from the ground in a range of temperature from 25° […]