Coming unstuck!

Let it snow, let it snow… There had been a good amount for snow before we arrived and by mid-afternoon the snow was piling up outside again. All the forecasts suggested we were in for a big dump of snow overnight. Nature didn’t disappoint and when morning came we had drifts around the van of 2 foot plus. Skiing wasn’t likely anytime soon, as with this amount of fresh snow combined with the wind meant the lifts were closed for the day.

Our first task was to dig the van out then it was going to be a day for staying inside and keeping warm…. Mmmmmm.

The snowplough arrived in the morning to clear around each motorhome, that meant leaving a wall of snow surrounding the van… although the speed the machine was driven we reckoned that is much preferable to hitting the van.

When things freeze everything is difficult – your hands go numb, locks jam, spare water containers freeze in the boot. After much aerobic digging through the wall of snow we retired to the van for a much-needed warming cuppa. Uh-oh… this wasn’t going to be that straightforward, turn on the tap, nothing… after much head scratching we figured it was frozen water pipes and after a quick blast with the diesel hot air heater and we had fresh water again. Next task was the to get the hair dryer on the frozen waste water outlet (this was essential if we wanted a shower as the water has to have somewhere to go).

Dave trying to unfreeze the waste water tank outlet

After sometime we eventually sat down and congratulated ourselves on a good mornings work. “I tell you what Lesley”, “just start the engine to give it a warm”…. Lesley, “It won’t come out of gear?”, “here let me try”. Nope, the gearbox was well and truly jammed in gear, ‘stuck fast’. Water had got into the engine bay via the windscreen scuttle and had left ice sculptures over a large part of the engine bay including the gearbox and gear linkage.

The moral of this tale is whenever you need to get out of a sticky thing (waste water or gear linkage) don’t call the AA or International rescue just borrow your wife’s very pretty pink hair dryer and be forever grateful….

5 thoughts on “Coming unstuck!

  1. jeanybarnett

    Hi Dave and Lesley

    I enjoy reading your travel blog and glad you can see the funny side of stuck and unstuck in the freezing weather , I can’t wait our Moho remove it’s cover and back on the road again, hope you continue your wonderful journey wherever you goes and stay safe.

    Jean X

    *I am returning home tomorrow, not looking forward to the on going issues of building.


    1. Dave & Lesley

      Hi Jean,

      Thanks for the feedback on the blog. Hope you’ve had a good trip and a Happy Chinese New Year. With the building work going it probably would be a good idea to get away in the MoHo as soon as you can. I hope Trevor is managing to cope without you?
      最好的祝愿 Best wishes D&L


  2. gazzahewitt

    Hi David and Lesley or should we call you nanook of the north!

    We bet your home (remember it?) is lovely and toasty and warm. Here in Blighty, the views have been stunning with frost but no snow apart from on the distant fells and wonderful sun rises.

    Our boiler move went well so we are back on with heating and can even have a shower – if we really need one. The timing of the move coincided with the coldest spell of the year to date so perhaps we experienced a little of what you are “enjoying”


    Jen & Gary


    1. Dave & Lesley

      Hi Jen & Gary,
      Enjoying…… I think is a relative term?
      Gary said to me he took a shower every February 30th whether he needed to or not!
      D&L x


  3. daveandshirl

    Wow, you really like a challenge you 2. Hope you’ll be ok Hope you get van sorted soon so you can get on your way hopefully to warmer climes. Take care Shirley & Dave xx

    Sent from my iPhone



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