The up and downs

The villagers of Vaujany thought their lot was hill farming on the side of a steep remote mountainside, with the only one road in and out and prone to regular avalanches. But in the 1980’s they struck unexpected gold when the French government compulsorily purchased a giant chunk of land for France’s largest hydro-electric scheme.

The bypass tunnels just prior to the village

The astute villagers invested the money in what was then the largest cable-car in the country, to reach the slopes above the neighbouring Alpe d’Huez ski resort.

As well as being famous as a stage finish in the Tour de France Alpe d’Huez is also a sought after ski area that includes 250km’s of pistes. The top station offers great views of the Alps including Mont Blanc and apparently on a clear day a fifth of France can be seen from this point, so linking to ‘Le Huez’ was a fantastic opportunity.

Now all that’s great if you want to go skiing but what about going for a pint of milk a baguette or a ‘bit-a-cheese’ grommet?

The canny locals came up with a solution while constructing the cable car infrastructure, “lets put in escalators and lifts everywhere’. So visitors and villagers alike whether carrying skis or the groceries can now go up and down the steep inclines via a series of lifts and escalators, without the need for donkeys or oxygen!

Motorhomers are also spoilt in Vaujany, as the aire is right  beneath the cable car and gondola it’s also next to a swimming pool /spa complex, an ice rink (with it’s own restaurant) and a bowling alley, all just a hundred yards walk away…

The wagons have been circled for protection from the Indians
Charlie centre stage

The convenience of having the swimming pool with its Haman and sauna so close to the aire is great. However, the downside is before you can use these facilities, men have to do some smuggling! My UK swimming shorts are, apparently too loose fitting. The French, don’t ask me WHY? Insist on the tight-fitting speedo style trunks. So 22 €’s later and my favourite pets and I were allowed in.

Dave’s budgie smugglers

2 thoughts on “The up and downs

  1. daveandshirl

    Shirley says she’ll pay good money to see you in those budgie smugglers… I’m not that fussed. No joy with the brake problem at clueless Cluses I see. You’re going round in circles, can’t see how it can be Chaussons problem can you ? By the way You didn’t happen to mention the “B” word did you….

    D & S. Sent from my iPad



    1. Dave & Lesley

      LOL brill …….. I wouldn’t be fussed if they were your budgies either,
      Hope that Finn is keeping you busy. There you go mentioning the B word. As you know we’re (currently) planning on coming back to the UK after the 29th March. But I’ve got no idea how easy or bloody impossible that might be. Quite frankly I so sick of the May and Coryn show I’’m glad we’re out of it (not the EU). I have campaigned on behalf of the Peoples Vote, but sadly after the voting fiasco in the HoC before we left I think it’s a lost cause.


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