I’m sorry I haven’t a clue

So today we’re heading back to the Ford garage in Cluses to finally get the brakes fixed. But first just a short recap. On our first day in France whilst cruising down the A26 near Arras we had a worrying brake system failure message appears on the dash….although the brakes appeared to work ok.

Note the handbrake light, ABS and the hill start assist light

After visiting a Ford garage in Dijon, another in Bourg en Bresse and because it was on our way to Les Gets, the Ford service centre in Cluses, where they diagnosed the problem to be a faulty brake sensor. So arranged for them to order the sensor and for us to come back in 10 days, the day after we left Les Gets.

Which we did…. But after 3 hours the service manager returned and said “Ah oui Monsieur”, “t’was not the brake sensor after all”, “but, we now confident it’s definitely the ABS unit”! Unfortunately we need to order this part from Ford Germany, so can you please come back in 10 days’ time.

Ok, so we changed our plans went to Montgenerve and Vaujaany (to make use of the 10 days) and went back to Cluses.

Now Lesley and I are both fans of the BBC Radio 4 comedy panel show. Where, a dazzling array of comedians and performers are set hilarious, embarrassing, and – frankly – bizarre challenges by the chairman, Jack Dee.

So we try and see the funny side of it when we returned to Ford Cluses and after waiting 2 hours for them to say, I’m sorry it was not the ABS and it’s not a problem with the Ford side of the motorhome so it must be a Chausson problem! in other words et je ne sais pas… or  I haven’t a bloody clue!

My French being what it is – not good, he might well have said, I think it was Colonel Moutarde, in the study, with the lead piping!!

In times of stress there’s always a compensation, yes you’ve guessed, its CAKE.

Me thinks it’s time for a change of scene so with the light fading and rain now starting to fall we decide to head far-away from Cluses and the clueless and set a course SW towards Valence.

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