We have Tim Berners-Lee to thank for today’s Waste Water Walk….!

We wouldn’t have found the 7 Gorgs (seven waterfalls) route, if we had not discovered Culture Trip website whilst researching walks in Catalonia.

 “Catalunya is home to one of the most visited cities in the world, however, many miss out on the spectacular natural wonders the rest of the region has to offer. With several national parks, cascading waterfalls and nature trails, Catalunya boasts some of the most stunning scenery around!” – ref Culture Trip

I’m not sure how good your Catalan geography is? Before today ours was pretty poor, but the walk we found near Campdevanol close to Ripoll is in an area a bit like a mini Switzerland complete with cows with bells…! We loved it and certainly plan to come back.

With an absence of signs, finding the start this walk was an act of faith. We drove Charlie along a dusty track, past the grazing cows and up into a wooded area in the hope of finding somewhere to park. I think we were expecting a car park! We saw a sign to Gorge de la Cabana. So now if we can find a place to turnaround we’ll be fine…..! but with no place to turn a 7m motorhome around we continued up the narrow track which by now was an even narrowerer concrete roadway until eventually that ended abruptly….. too abruptly. The step off the concrete grounded Charlie’s Waste Water pipe and snapped it off. Oh SH1T.

The only option now was to reverse down the track to a spot that was wide enough to turnaround. To say this was tricky was a bit of an understatement as the concrete roadway had a very sharp edge (we’d already done enough damage to the underside) and there was an electric fence protecting the edge that we’d need to hang the back-end of the Motorhome over. Anyway after carefully taking off the electrified wire we cautiously angled Charlie off the roadway and hung his backside over the fenced off bit and after a couple of shunts we were facing the way we came. Whew!

After the stress of finding the start the route finding was well signposted with yellow way marks painted on the trees. – Well we are in Catalonia!

Sparkly if not spectacular

The images on the web suggested the falls were quite dramatic (we suspect they were taken after particularly heavy rains) as the cascades were altogether gentler during our visit.

maybe not Birds-of-Paradise – but birds in paradise?

Once more with no one else around we just had these ducks for company.

Yes that is ICE

The route was about 8km-long and took us about three hours to scramble around the sometimes-steep sided valley, through bushes on the muddy well signposted paths.

Eventually we finished at seventh and the biggest waterfall at the Gorge del Colomer, which you can understand why on a summer’s day when the water is a tad! warmer is full of paddlers and swimmers.

Ok, let’s end today’s blog with a few numbers:

We’ve been away for 41 days. We’ve driven 2,432 miles. Our lowest daily spend is €5.67, the highest is a lot more……. The daytime temperature is a very pleasant 17 degrees. And we’ve done three lots of laundry.

2 thoughts on “WWW.

  1. jeanybarnett

    Hi Dave and Lesley ,
    Hope you got Charlie’s waste pipe back ok, Trev and I now wondering at NEC another show after met my son nearby to handed over grandson who spent his half term with us, I am relieved that after two hours Trevor still think our MH is best! Just need to get it in the road soon, enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing your travelling experience, have fun and safe travel x


    1. Dave & Lesley

      Hi Jean & Trev, good hear the blog is keeping you entertained. The waste water pipe might like the brakes, have to wait until we get home. I’ve been eyeing up all the expensive A class MH’s that we’ve seen but like Trevor none of the layouts are as good as ours or yours.


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