Tavertet Ferrats

If you’ve been there or seen pictures of the Grand Canyon, Tavertet is like Arizona’s smaller cousin.

The small town of Tavertet is located above some cliffs, 900m above sea level in an isolated spot some 12 km’s up a very windy dead-end road. The smartly presented village is uniform in appearance, but the wide orderly well-kept streets suggest the place is newer than the soft coloured stonework suggests.

The girl in green was hanging on for grim death!

Shortly after starting the walk, we heard a shriek and went to investigate. Unbelievably we came across a bunch of young daring do’s practicing type-rope walking across a 900m drop!

The area is known as Collsacabra cliffs. Below the cliffs is Pantà de Sau, a reservoir that dammed the waters of the river Ter in the 1960s.

As we near the edge we saw lots of birds of prey, which were either eagles, peregrine falcons or griffon vultures, or not!. At one point we counted twelve ? soaring and gliding on the thermals near the cliffs.

Believe it or not there are 2 people on the edge of the bottom cliff – shows the scale!
Tonight’s view through Charlie’s windscreen

Having enjoyed another another good walk we decided to treat ourselves to a meal out on the town. In high season there are a number of eateries to choose from. In early February our choice in the deserted village, was only one!

Given we’re in Catalonia, the menu was a challenge….. Having stated that I would be up for some ‘Local’ possibly non-veggie specialities, we pointed at the menu and waited expectantly to see what might arrive? We needn’t have got so excited. Lesley had goat, sorry a goat’s cheese salad, followed by fish. My starter was butternut squash soup (very vegetarian) and my adventurous ‘Ous Ferrats’, when it arrived was a very British looking Fried Egg and Chips. “Got any ketchup”?

Toodle Pip, Chin chin


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