M-m-m-my Girona

One of our catchy driving singalongs for the past wee while has been “My Girona” which as knowledgeable musical minded amongst you will know was that famous 1979 hit by the much forgotten ‘The Knack’. Except it wasn’t, well it was, but it was ‘My Sharona…!

Ok, moving quickly on

The brightly painted façades of the houses overlooking the river Onyar
Charlie the Motorhome is in a gated compound near the centre of Girona

We’re parked next to our first GB van we’ve seen since Vaujany. So I was keen to have a good old British moan about the weather or even better still a whinge about ‘Brexit’? or so I thought …… “Nay lad, said the one of the vans pair of Yorkshire occupant’s let’s talk bikes and everything cycling, “Do you know we did 72.73562 miles today and beat a bunch of juniors out training”. And did you know Lance Armstrong used to live in Girona and….

Excuse me, I think the kettle’s boiling!

Devesa Park with its tightly packed forest of trees

Our parking spot is close to La Devesa a large urban park covering over 40 hectares and the largest urban park in Catalonia. With more than 2,500, one hundred year old plane trees. We were also lucky enough to be billeted only 5 mins from a Basque style Tapas or Pintxos restaurant called Txalaka.

Txaalaka very moreish Pintxos

Whilst queuing to get in we got talking to an English couple Nick and Nicky who live and work in Sitges and agreed to share a table. The food was great and very reasonable at €35 for two including beers and a tip. We had a great evening and had a lot in common and cycling wasn’t mentioned once!

Girona’s 9th century city walls

There’s a large section of the city walls above the old medieval city that remains largely intact or repaired that provide an easy walking route to gain some excellent views across the city.

Girona’s old city is a maze of cobbled streets, squares and steep alleyways.
Pont de les Peixateries Velles Translated from Catalan means – The Old Fish Shop bridge

The bridges that span the river provide good views of the brightly coloured backs of the riverside buildings. The red iron bridge Pont de les Peixateries Velles was made by the same company that made the Eiffel Tower. As a prime tourist destination, it also makes an ideal location for supporters of Catalan independence to spread their message.

I think that might be Tejay Van Gardeeren on the right

Girona is known (in Yorkshire) for being one of the cities where the most professional cyclists live. From Millar to Gesink, as well as the Yates brothers and Van Garderen… More than 80 professional cyclists have made this city a home for themselves and their bikes. [I guess if you’re going to get run over in the street it might as well be by someone famous].

The food was quite different but really yummy

“La Fábrica” —the Mecca for all cyclists who visit Girona. Cyclist do have to be careful not to slip as they walk down the metal stairs, whilst wearing their clip-in cycling shoes with the metal cleat on the bottom, otherwise they might just end up on theirs!

The food was quite different but really yummy
Anyone would think we’re on our holidays
Ice Cream Mecca

In my book no city tour would be complete without an Ice Cream.

If you type ice cream and Girona into Google, the name that come up on most sites is Rocambolesc. As suggested by none other than Whitehaven based food blogger ‘Cumbria Foodie’  “Rocambolesc , Girona …. “Could this be the world’s best ice cream shop?”.

My choice was a HOT round 4″ pancake disc full of coffee ice cream, almonds and chocolate sprinkles. Lesley had a Banana cone with strawberries and two toppings. They offer completely bonkers selection of flavours – Parmesan ice cream anyone?

Mmmmmm, lick, slurp

2 thoughts on “M-m-m-my Girona

  1. Middle daughter

    My favourite blog so far but made me laugh too much and with my ribs still hurting please can you tone it down next time. Also please stop posting such scrummy looking food. It’s only 10am and I’m now off to have a bit of Su’s leftover birthday dairy cream sponge cake. You’ll be surprised there was any left but it was cake number 2 which might explain things. Want to visit Sharona now! Lots of love and Toodlepip.


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