ABC holidays

We are not intending our tour to be an “oh no, not Another Bloody Castle holiday”.

Castells on the other hand look like a mad idea which would be great to see.

Originally from Catalonia. Castells were first documented as a cultural form in Tarragona in 1801.  Competitions are held where a number of teams compete to build human towers of up to nine or even ten levels of people each standing on each other’s shoulders.

In Tarragona, the old bullring is used to hold Castell competitions

So we are in Tarragona, the plan was to use the motorways to bypass Barcelona and to make a bit of progress southward. Barcelona is a great city with some brilliant sights to see. But having already been there we didn’t fancy trying to negotiate our way through it, or stay in such a busy city in the van.

Cathedral in the background

The weather is warming nicely – it must be for me to get my legs out. Mind you all the locals were walking around in furry collared jackets and scarfs!

These walls had some big guns

After we gave half of our daily budget to the woman in the tourist kiosk. We were were given passes to visit some of the historical sights and walk the city walls which gave some great views of the city including views of the Cathedral.

When researching building methods for our house. I was quite taken by Thin Joint Masonry. This building method uses lightweight blocks to quickly create the walls of the building.

I therefore couldn’t help but notice the not so lightweight blocks the Romans in 200BC had used to construct these huge walls. I mean how the hell did they get these massive boulders to the site (Travis Perkins certainly wouldn’t have delivered) and how on earth did they lift them into position….. thinking about how all this was achieved is just amazing!!

In 200AD the Romans used the natural shape of the underlying bedrock to construct this Amphitheatre. The location they choose also exploits the views out to the Mediterranean Sea. In its day, it was the scene of fights between gladiators and against wild beasts, as well as public executions.

I guess if you’re going to get the thumbs down would you care about the view?

Thumbs up & thumbs down might mean the opposite of what many think

Charlie parked up in prime position at La Playa del Miracle, close to the town and beach, although the view of the shipyard reminded me of Vickers in Barrow.

Amphitheatre – Buildings – Castells . . . Job done

Toodle Pip, D&L

PS – Thank you for your comments, the feedback is much appreciated

5 thoughts on “ABC holidays

  1. gazzahewitt

    Hello you two Jen and I are enjoying your travel blogs immensely and now that we understand what a holiday is (having never been on one before) we hope to be able to save up enough money to have a short holiday ourselves one day You have missed a great week’s weather in dear old blighty but it looks like you will make for it in spades – or should that be Spain? Today however it is bloody cold. Fortunately, I spend the morning in the warmth of the snooker hall and actually played well for a change. The walks programme is now complete and in the printers. I plan to email it to everyone as soon as I get the hard copies back. In this way the postal members and email members get to receive it at the same time. When you get your copy you will see that I only needed to add an extra four walks for you to lead – the first of them being next week. Will you motor back or fly back for that and then return to your travels? On the walk yesterday (19 participants) I was telling Hilary of your blogs and she would like to be added to your blog cc list if you have no objections. If yes, I will pass on your previous blogs to her (I have all of them on file – to remind me of what a holiday is like). The TV today reported today that UK Nationals will an International Driving Licence after Brexit – when / if ever that happens. Do you have one already? That its for now Take care Regards Gary p.s. everyone is eagerly awaiting news of when you next do your laundry – it can only be a matter of weeks away now can’t it!


    1. Dave & Lesley

      Well at last and I thought you were ignoring me. Thanks for your comments, they have been noted and revenge will be sweet.
      It’s good to hear you’re finally, finally going to put your hands in your pockets and give that fine lady of yours a holiday. Although the holiday she deserves should probably be a fortnight’s respite from your jokes!
      Our International Driving Licences have expired, but there’s a bigger problem post Brexit. We won’t be allowed to stay in the Schengen area for any more than 90 days. So in future we may have to spend more time in the UK tormenting you.
      PS I have taken to wearing sandals to cut down on the sock washing


  2. You have a lovely blog here and I have just signed up to get your updates. It has been great to meet you both and share a bottle of wine. We will be looking forward to following your travels 😄


    1. Dave & Lesley

      Hi Gilda, We also really enjoyed your company and could have easily stayed a few more days to just chill in Peñíscola.
      I’ve also signed up for your blogs which we look forward to reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. pittahahaz

    Glad your having  fun. Fun here David was telling me about John hew, saying the  tree had preservation  order on, dreadful weather  here. Miss you  too xSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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