Condom – What’s in a name?

We’re making our way slowly up though France, for the moment avoiding the main route and motorways and sticking to the back roads. Soaking up the rolling landscape, the idyllic rural life in the small towns and villages. Only very occasionally the essential French-ness is interrupted by the unmistakably plummy tone of an expat EnglishContinue reading “Condom – What’s in a name?”

Robbed at the border

The Mouvement des gilets jaunes was in the beginning partly motivated by rising French fuel prices, although today the purpose of the protest is more generally anti Macron. For the last four or five weeks, whilst in Spain we’ve been enjoying low cost diesel at average price of €1.18 per litre. Therefore leaving Spain withContinue reading “Robbed at the border”

San Sebastian Snitch

For those of you who remember your schooldays, you might recall the unwritten school laws which meant you were never to tell tales or ‘grass up your mates’, no matter how severe the playground crime was. Lesley say’s in Scotland it was ‘to clipe’. I’m sure there are many other derivations including ‘ratting’ and toContinue reading “San Sebastian Snitch”

The road to Segovia

After the Spanish economy crashed around 2007/08, partly as a result of the housing bubble, the government took the decision to invest in the country’s roads network. So today Spain is crisscrossed with an excellent world-class transport infrastructure. Spain’s State Road Network is over 26,000 kilometres long, making it the longest network of highways andContinue reading “The road to Segovia”