What’s in a name?

In 1898 Caleb Bradham’s invented his carbonated soft drink, originally launched with the rather fetching title of Brad’s Drink. When he and his marketing team sat round the table to work out how to compete with their arch rivals Coco-Cola, they decided to rename it Pepsi-Cola. They really should have come here.

Hello – Is this another cheap play on words

According to your preference you might like your side of the mattress, or your eggs or indeed your Brexit, soft or hard. So depending on your personal perspective you might think PENISCOLA a suitable name for a soft drink, or on balance it would be better reserved as brand for hard liquor?

With narrow site access roads and the low branches on trees getting Charlie into a parking spot was a bit tight.

Charlie’s home for the past few days was Camping Ferrer at €16 a night using our ACSI discount card it’s one of our most expensive sites so far. But we’re on electric hook-up, have unlimited hot showers and free WiFi! It’s also not too far to the town and the five mile long sandy beach and a castle.

We also noticed a few more tourists starting to appear. I mean look how crowded the beach is.

Peniscola is a popular resort with Spanish tourists yet often overlooked by the British tourist (a few tour operators thought we Brits might get offended by the name). The fine sandy beach here is massive and gently shelving so perfick for a paddle. Actually with 22 degrees and full sun, if this was Woolacombe we’d all be piling in the water shrieking and splashing about like 5-year olds.

The castle fortress is in the centre of the old medieval town, the castle was built (wait for it, yes, you’ve guessed it) by the Knights Templar. They constructed it on the remains of an old Moorish citadel. It was also the former papal residence of Benedict XIII. Who turned it into a palace and papal library when he moved to Peñíscola in 1411.

On the drive south on the Via Mediterráneo, the vineyards gave way to olive groves and orange trees laden with fruit.

Orange trees even grow up up out of the pavements round here!

The restaurants, like the resort as a whole, are fairly quiet at this time of year but we decided to splash out and try the menu del dia . The food was good quality, and lots of it. For €13 a head cost I had olives, bread, a big lasagna starter, super whole fish main course, Tiramu for desert, and we shared a bottle of wine plus a complimentary iced shot to finish. Yes, we went back the next day to do it all again!

This is what happens to your photos after a nice bottle of wine at lunchtime. . .

So we’re heading off to Valencia next

Toodle oo

2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

    1. Dave & Lesley

      You’re probably on you way by now but we had a great time in Valencia. We struggled to find space but eventually found a place just outside El Saler


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