Sun, Sex and Statistics

If all the nubile and handsome young things that go for a ‘beach’ holiday to Benidorm were laid end to end. No one would be unduly surprised….!

We’ve made a small detour to visit Lesley’s friend Laura, her husband Keith and daughter Justine and heard a few horror stories about the raucous stuff that goes on in downtown Benidorm. All of which did nothing to change my preconceptions and prejudices of what a holiday on the Costa Blanca is like.

How do all these people fit on the beach?

To be fair the shocking tales of hedonistic gay men walking around in mankinis with their bits on display, are a world away from the location where Laura and her family have made home in La Nucia. We had a fab evening with them and the delicious Nepalese curry at the Kathmandu Restaurant has to be one of the best I’ve had anywhere.

We would definitely recommend this place

We have decided to make a couple of long driving days to quickly get further south. However travelling longer distances messes with our agreed daily target of 50 miles per day. But looking at the big weather picture we saw we could avoid a rainy front and get to see some places around Malaga that we’d previously thought would be too big a stretch.

Question – Why is it we counted 50 motorhomes coming towards us and none going our way?

Hang on is that Charlie’s brother coming the other way?

On the trip so far up until today our daily average has been 59 miles per day Today, we’re driving 400 kms from L’ Albir to Guadix. Ok, something tells me that we might have buggered up the stats.

A statistician is said to be someone who uses statistics a bit like a Benidorm drunk uses a lamp post. For support rather than illumination….!

That reminds me….

Two statisticians were flying on a plane.   An hour into the flight, the pilot announces that they have lost an engine, but that they shouldn’t worry because there are still three left.   However, instead of three hours, the trip will now take four hours.
A little later, the pilot announces that a second engine has failed, but there are still two left, only now it will now take six hours to get to their destination.
A little while later, the pilot announces that a third engine has gone out.   “Don’t worry,” he announces, because the plane can still fly safely with just one engine.   However, the trip will now take twelve hours.

At this point, one statistician turns to the other and says, “I sure hope we don’t lose that last engine or we’ll be up here forever!”

Coming off the excellent A92, as we approached Guadix we started to see small white chimneys poking out of the hills and front doors cut into the side of the rock, a bit like Hobbit houses.

Having read a bit beforehand we were expecting Guadix to be a fascinating place going back to Moorish times, where almost half the town’s population (called by the locals “troglodytes”) live underground in over 2000 caves. Making Guadix’s Barrio de las Cuevas the largest inhabited cave neighbourhood in Europe.

Guadix Fort and Cathedral in the distance

Wanting a bit of a hike Lesley and I went off the tourist map and climbed a big hill behind the town and got some great panoramic views and of the snow capped Serra Nevada mountains in the distance.

We presumed some of these chimneys are air vents not just for fires

I get that people have been living in the caves for hundreds of years, but why do they still live in them today?

Like lots of Spain this area gets very hot in the summer so the caves provide protection from the heat. The caves also act like a natural air-conditioner. And being underground also keeps the occupants relatively warm during the cold winters. Until a few decades ago, Guadix’s caves were seen as houses for the poor. Today, however, they are becoming more popular, and many local residents are transforming these grotto-like dwellings into restaurants, hotels and even holiday rentals.

Could this be the next project – Now where’s the nearest estate agent?

Toodle Pip


3 thoughts on “Sun, Sex and Statistics

    1. Dave & Lesley

      Hi Hilary, Yes, it’s not really that difficult given Gary’s sense of humour! We having a great time just hope we can remember half we we get back. David


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