Gorge-ous blossom

Firstly let me start by saying that I’m a modern man and I usually sit down to pee (particularly in the motorhome). I don’t know about you men but I don’t usually look in the loo before I sit down. So imagine my horror when I got up turned around and the toilet bowl was red! Lesley, “I think I’ve got a problem!”, “What?” she said. “Look”!…. “ah that’ll be the pink toilet cleaner/refresher I squirted in there 10 minutes ago – Phew

Last night using the App search for sites we located a free aire in Alhama de Granada (about 40 mins south of the city of Granada) which we first discovered via a reader’s tip in the Guardian. The aire was part of a large car park which was virtually empty save for 5 or 6 motorhomes. Spotting a space with a view at the foot of the carpark instead of the designated area, we joined two other motorhomes, one with GB plates.

The aire was described as being at the foot of a steep hill onto town ……it was no understatement. We ventured to take a walk up the into town to explore and get some bread and our lungs were fit to burst and the hamstrings well stretched by the time we reached the centre.

As we walked around we noticed a number of people in fancy dress and assumed a party was going on somewhere. However when we rounded a corner into the square in search of a bar, we discovered that it was carnival week and Tuesday night was a mask competition.

This isn’t big town and there are just a few bars, the carnival had brought out lots of the locals and explained why the bars were so busy. We found a free table in one on the Plaza Constitution and Lesley spied a colourful drink which the barmaid said was tinto de Verano – a red wine and lemon soda mixture. Steady!

copa-tinto.jpg (1772×2598)

While we were enjoying the drinks, we were surprised when our lovely barmaid brought over a plate of something to go with the drinks – Dave thought it  was ice cream but to his disappointment it was a Russian salad with some kind of fishy fritter/doughballs – very tasty, but not vanilla flavoured! When Dave ordered a second beer a plate of pork on bread with chip s on the side appeared. If we’d known that this kind of food came with drinks and for only €6 in total, we wouldn’t have eaten beforehand!

The next day we were planning to do a gorge walk. Dave got talking to the couple in the next van, who it turned out came from Poynton and arranged to a walk together with them.

Jo & Si are experienced motorhomers who have been travelling for seven+ years visiting many countries including Morocco and gave us some good tips for a future visit there ourselves. Could this be the start of next year’s plan?

The town is famous throughout Spain for its thermal baths – hot therapeutic water bubbles up into four thermal pools next to the river. Simon and Joanne had given it a go, but we decided to save that for another time.

We had a lovely circular walk up the to the top of a gorge then back along the rim. Stopping off for a drink at a restaurant near the lake and noticed a courtyard with a Hamman sign. If only we had more time!

The surrounding area is filled with almond trees in blossom and olive trees and looked beautiful even as the grey clouds started to gather.

This piece had clearly separated off to make way for our path!

The weather forecast gave rain for later in day but we hoped to be back before we got on our way towards Malaga, which we were. 5 mins after we got back the heavens opened to give Charlie his first natural wash for weeks.

This is our first experience of driving in the rain since we left the UK

When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.

Oscar Wilde

We really enjoyed our short stop in this non touristy town and the pretty route down to Malaga which was quite green with lots white speckled hill villages and villas on the hill tops.

Chin, Chin. Pip Pip


2 thoughts on “Gorge-ous blossom

  1. annsean

    You started without The Times! They have an article in Saturday 9 March…….. See the Basque country by camper van! On a road trip through Spain and France. Hannah Summers finds cheap, tasty treats round every corner! Mind you, you seem to be managing ok! Keep safe Sean and Ann

    On Fri, 8 Mar 2019, 13:06 Dave & Lesley’s Travels, wrote:

    > Dave & Lesley posted: ” Firstly let me start by saying that I’m a modern > man and I usually sit down to pee (particularly in the motorhome). I don’t > know about you men but I don’t usually look in the loo before I sit down. > So imagine my horror when I got up turned around and the” >


    1. Dave & Lesley

      Hi Sean, You’ll have to save the article for us, although we’re heading up to the Basque region and will certainly be trying the pintxos in San Sebastian. Best wishes to you and Ann and hope the family are all ok.


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