León – going solo

Last night just after arriving in León we sat down with a cuppa as is our usual routine when we arrive somewhere and Dave started shivering uncontrollably.

At first, I thought he was exaggerating but it became apparent very quickly that he was not. His hand was shaking so much he could not hit the keys on the laptop. Putting on jackets and wrapping him up in the duvet he continued to shiver whilst having a very hot head. Within a short time he was radiating heat and had developed a fever. Obviously we were not going out that evening so we put the bed down and Dave went to bed early wrapped up in the duvet and was soon asleep.

The lady in red is not me.

The next day Dave was feeling a bit better, his temperature appeared normal but he still wasn’t 100%. So I had to go and explore Leon on my own. Without Dave’s inbuilt navigation, I took photos of my planned route to assist.

Starting off by the river, it appeared to be a place for people jogging or walking alongside.

I came up from the river in the large Plaza de San Marcos with a huge hotel that was being renovated….. looks like it will be rather nice when it’s finished.

Joining the wide pedestrian avenue with cherry blossom falling, lots of people were enjoying a walk in the morning sunshine.

One of Gaudi’s creations

Casa Bottines – one of the few buildings designed by Antonio Gaudi that were built outside Catalonia. A house split into  flats for the owners of a textile company. Their offices were also in this building, so they didn’t have far to travel to get to work!

I arrived outside the cathedral and sat in the sunshine listening to organ music playing inside. [Sorry I forgot the ABC rule]

Wondering into the streets in the old town I came across lots of bars and the most fabulous cheese shop unfortunately for me (but fortunately for our budget) I had left my purse behind!

It was such a shame that Dave missed this as I know with him there and a purse, we would have tried a few of those bars

As I headed back through the centre I was aware of chanting, this was one of the many climate change protests taking place on Friday around the world – many teenagers are protesting and going on strike from school FridaysforFuture

I finished off the walk coming back through the park that was just the other side of the river from the aire. The park had a nice feel with shady areas to sit and peacocks, hens and cockerels making quite a racquet.

I tried to persuade him to open his tail feathers – Dave says I should have asked him to Shake a tail feather but I guess he didn’t speak English.

Toodle Pip


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