Northern pointy bits

As I’m feeling better we’re leaving Leon and heading in the general direction of Bilbao. Travelling as the crow griffin vulture flies you cross some biggish lumps called the Picos de Europa.

To cross the Picos our route took us passed the flood town of Riaño, where we had identified an aire without services but good reviews and close to the village.

New Riaño is the upper part of the original town before the planned construction of a dam and reservoir flooded the village in the 1980s.

Noah’s Arc ? or an original grain store

The village and its low lying farmland were to be submerged, as were six other villages in the associated dam project. The residents were relocated to New Riaño, built as a replacement higher above the reservoir waters.

The exclusive view from our lounge and bedroom

We had a magnificent parking spot to ourselves with an uninterrupted view of the mountains reflected in the reservoir. Just perfect.

Long ago on a sunlit day –
I chanced upon a mountain lake, 
Shining like clear mirrored glass, 
In it the skies I could make; 

Its grace kissed by a gentle breeze, 
The ripples rose in wave-like fake, 
Pristine waters clear and cool
For lesser mortals thirst to slake, 

Luring travellers to rest awhile
All worldly measures put to stake, 
Blossoms wild in red and blue
Were scattered aground like snow flake, 

Saw diamonds shine from tender blades, 
Foliage on its shores opaque, 
Maples, pines and cedars tall
Loamy shelters for birds to rake, 

Fair bleating sheep with tinkling bells
Sweet melody to keep awake; 
Dancing fairies put to trance
Their astral chores all left to quake, 

Bid adieu to its virgin shores
Wishing its tranquil I could take, 
Can still see the mountain lake
Calling me in a dreamless wake.

KaitlyThe Mountain Lake – Poem by Amar Agarwala
I never tire of driving in this kind of landscape

The drive through the mountains and up and over was fantastic with very green rocks! The air must be very clean as the lichen covered the rocks to give an emerald hue to the hillsides.

These nets suggest some serious potential headaches!

Our lunch spot was the town of Potes where we were able to stock up on essential supplies. The area around Potes is popular for outdoors activities such as walking and climbing. We had thought we might take a trip to Fuente Dé, where you can take a cable car up to a height of 1850m, but there is so much to see and do, we’ll just have to put it on the growing list ‘for-next-time‘.

Eventually we popped out the other side of the Picos and found the coast once again.

Toodle Pip

Dave & lesley

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