San Sebastian Snitch

For those of you who remember your schooldays, you might recall the unwritten school laws which meant you were never to tell tales or ‘grass up your mates’, no matter how severe the playground crime was. Lesley say’s in Scotland it was ‘to clipe’. I’m sure there are many other derivations including ‘ratting’ and to ‘snitch’. But as we were to be reminded ‘snitch’ also has other meanings too….

We set off from our sardine-packed aire intending to take the funicular railway to the top of Monte Igueldo situated to the west of the town.

According to the ticket office the antique funicular railway, which was first opened in 1912, has never broken down in all that time. We’re not sure why it chose today to take a holiday after 107 years, but if we want to get to the top of Monte Igueldo and enjoy the panorama over San Sebastian we’re going to have to walk.

Dave taking a well earned rest on the way up.

There were some great views on the way up which gave us many excuses to stop and get our breath back. Approaching the summit we (Dave) expected a round of applause, medals or a nice view and an ice cream vendor. Nope. If you want access to the view €2.30 each was the ticket price. I did my best huff and puff and turned around and went back down!

What a gorgeous beach
San Sebastian’s elegant city hall

Our legs were tired with the walk to the old town and so surprise, surprise, time for pintxos for lunch, that were just great. We topped off lunch with two huge ice creams that needed so much dedication we had to sit in the sun on the decking by the harbour to concentrate on fully appreciating the task before us. It was torture, no it was, really….!

Our very popular aire is next to the University where there is conveniently an electric bike station. So the next day we paid €8 for a card and took out 2 bikes to explore the city.

¿What is dBizi?
dBizi bike collection station

dBizi became the first 100% electric public bike system. Its aim is to promote active and sustainable mobility in the city of San Sebastián-Donostia. The system consists of 16 docking stations located throughout the city of San Sebastián-Donostia and 125 electric bikes

The city has really embraced the bike. Not just for the dBizi but private cyclists, electric scooters and roller bladers, the network of marked routes is just fantastic, allowing you to travel in (relative) safety by sticking to the marked routes. And when you want to stop you can park or exchange your dBizi at one of the 16 charging stations. – Brilliant

Lesley enjoying the sunshine in the park
The peacock was making a right old racket trying to get the attention of his girls!
One of the many pretty green spaces in the centre of town

It is impossible not to fall for San Sebastian’s Basque laid back charm. It helps when the beach(es) are fantastic and weather is near perfect. The food is delicious and the whole place is so vibrant.

The band stand was closed so this is as close as we could get to having a jive in honour of Jan and George
Quidditch anyone?

This week is the International Comic Fair of San Sebastian. We sat watching this bizarre game without a clue what it was. All the players had a stick between their legs, there were 3 hoops at either end and more than one ball!!!. It wasn’t until we asked at the the tourist office and after much head scratching looking at our photos, they worked it out the it was a practice game of Quidditch taking prior to the San Sebastian Comic Fair.

Cedric Diggory, Hufflepuff house’s Quidditch team captain and Seeker.

Quidditch is played with 7 players: 3 hunters, 2 kickers, 1 Guardian and 1 search engine. It is played with both women and men on the same team. The party will have their chance to look for the Golden Snitch while the Quaffle scores points dodging the Bludgers.

I say absolutely spiffing….. toodle oo


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