It seems a world away since we cut short our last trip and skedaddled out of France and returned to back to ‘Blighty’ back in March. Oh how things have changed. I’m not sure many of us knew back then how blighted the UK or the world was about to become.

With the global situation becoming ever more serious and as our concerns grew, we became increasingly cautious during the last two weeks travelling through France. On the 14th March when we heard (in a take-away) in Mehon Sur Yevre the French were going into lockdown, we knew it was time to go.

Mehon Sur Yevre castle and waterway

Looking back, our re-entry into the UK via the customs post at Folkestone Eurotunnel terminal seemed very, very casual. No health checks, no masks, and no questions asked. Just a cursory glance at our passports and we were waved through.

The now familiar tunnel of the Eurotunnel train

Continuing our ‘virtual quarantine‘ in the van, we decided to slowly make our way up country and did our best to observe the principles of the government’s 14 day quarantine. Our first stay at Love Lane Campsite near Hertford had no other campers, so felt right.

We then found a pitch in the car park of the Thaymar Dairy Farm shop. Very handy for isolating from others, yet with fresh produce literally on the doorstep. And… they made their own ice cream – what’s not too like…

Having agreed to let some friends stay in our house until the middle of April, arriving back in the UK mid March we therefore weren’t immediately able to go back home. So we booked ourselves into a campsite five miles from home.

But when a few days later the government announced all UK campsites were to close we started to run out of options. Luckily we persuaded (we’re coming to park on your lawn, you don’t mind do you?) our friends Martin and Dawn to let us stay in Charlie in their garden. Dawn kept us topped up with groceries as we continued our self isolation and took rides out to sample the beautiful but conveniently remote countryside around Crosby Garrett – Where?

Like many others the Covid-19 lockdown encouraged us to tackle some of the ‘elephant in the room‘ jobs around the house and for us our largest land mammal is our rear garden. This area has been the dumping ground for all the stones, rocks and building detritus, left as a task to be tackled some time in the far distant future.

Dave attempting to chop down the overgrown holly tree with an axe!

Well, Lesley with the help of Liam, a neighbour’s son, and encouraging noises from me, the three of us set about clearing the multitude of stones, by digging, shovelling, raking, sieving and levelling the soil to prepare this wasteland for a lawn. After a couple of weeks 200 sq/m of turf arrived and was laid in double quick time before we all had to go for a lie down. It’s amazing what can we achieved when you’re metaphorically chained to the job!

As I write this we’ve not finished the construction of the waterfall we planned to compliment our large exposed rock face. However after falling off my mountain bike (cracking a cheekbone, bruising a few ribs and tearing a ligament in my shoulder), this provided the necessary excuse to stop any further hard labour in the garden this year.

A project isn’t a proper project unless it involves a digger!

With UK garden centres and plants sales in the summer hitting record levels many of us found solace in our gardens. We’re pleased lockdown helped us to achieve what might otherwise taken several years. But not everyone was in the same boat.

The Same Boat 
by Julie Sheldon

‘We’re all in the same boat’ they say
But I would disagree
So many different sailing crafts
Upon this stormy sea

Some sail on ocean liners
In comfort, style, and ease
Relaxing on their balconies
….Sipping their G & Ts

Some speed along in motor boats
As if it’s all ok……
With little care for smaller crafts
Which may get in their way

Some struggle on their battleships
Where nothing’s going right
Endlessly preparing…..
For the next relentless fight

Some huddle in their lifeboats…
And pray that they’ll be saved
Hoping for a calmer sea…
And fearing every wave

Some drift around upon their rafts….
They barely stay afloat
They’re praying for a change of luck…
And chance to board a boat

Some haven’t found their sea legs yet….
And dread each wave and swell
They’re struggling to stay upright
And don’t feel very well

So whilst you’re on your journey
To a safe and calmer port
Look out for fellow sailors
Who may need some support

Could you throw them a life belt?
Or a paddle or an oar?
Perhaps you could help guide them
A bit nearer to the shore

Well that’s all for now. A blog of our next adventure is currently with the type setters and should be published in the next few days.

Toodle Pip

Dave & Lesley

7 thoughts on “Lockdown

  1. rayforey

    Not sure if comments got posted, had to mess around with passwords. Great to have met up a few weeks back. Had a few good days out to Ambleside and Slaidburn across the Trough of Bowland.


  2. Dave & Lesley

    Hi Ray, yes it was good to spend time with you and Anna, the Trough of Bowland is a bit of an undiscovered spot which there seems less and less of in our shrinking internet savvy world.


  3. pittahahaz

    Hi campers. Loved it. George’s app. Went great. Transport 9.50. And hos appointment on time. Driver waited for us and we were home at 2 20.had a message off sally. About planning approval. Remarks unbelievable.weather today beautiful. Mr. Saunders has asked for a surveyor to come and his mother. I said no to his mother coming. Let’s make sure he is happy with survey first. Makes sense. Will keep you posted. Lots of lv. Bra and g string. He . No I won’t say it. Ha ha

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Dave & Lesley

      Morning Campers,

      Thanks for commenting on the blog but remember it’s public so anyone can read it (Hilda?) Love t ya both Dave & Lesley PS I would have let his mother come – but that’s just me



  4. Hi guys loved to get this update. Looks like you had a very productive lockdown, good to get these jobs done. I hope you will be able to travel by motorhome again very soon 😄


  5. Dave & Lesley

    Hi Gilda, Thanks for reading the blog. We have made it to France and wishing we had your Italian weather. Stay safe and best wishes to you and Brian.


  6. missdaisy1309gmailcom

    Hi peeps- looking forward to hearing about your travels – keep safe, love always jan and george xxx

    On Thu, 1 Oct 2020, 13:33 Dave & Lesley’s Travels, wrote:

    > Dave & Lesley posted: ” It seems a world away since we cut short our last > trip and skedaddled out of France and returned to back to ‘Blighty’ back in > March. Oh how things have changed. I’m not sure many of us knew back then > how blighted the UK or the world was about to become. ” >


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