Norway – No way

When we set out on this trip many weeks ago, it was full of uncertainty of if, whether or how we might make it to Norway. Well, today was the day of reckoning and we were unsuccessful. We thought it was going to be possible because we have both been double vaccinated and had the NHS COVID Pass app on our phones, complete with QR code for proof (which has seen us through 4 countries), unfortunately it wasn’t enough for the Norwegians. Particularly as since we left the UK’s Covid case numbers have increased and the UK is now recently in a dark red category.

Border police 26 kms into Norway

Because the UK is no longer in the EU, the NHS COVID Pass is not compatible with the European CoronaPass. I don’t blame the Norwegian border police they are just doing their job. They scan the QR code on your phone and the NHS code is not verifiable. After driving 3,500 miles we were (are) gutted. It’s no consolation whatsoever but Swiss registered vehicles were faced with the same outcome as their Coronapas system is not yet fully integrated with the EU one…

Upcoming rant warning – I want to rage for a moment about how some of the things we’re experiencing on our travels have a direct relationship with the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Things like the maximum 90 day limit on our time in Schengen, the increase in our insurance costs, changes to data roaming, difficulties in trade – unable to buy MoHo spares from Italy, and fellow travellers abroad struggling to buy stuff from the UK because of a whole load of new form filling.

However it is frustratingly ironic, sitting at here at The Battle of Narvik memorial site (1 km inside the Norwegian border), reading how the Brits, fought alongside Norwegian, French and Polish troops for the control of this territory, to now be stopped from crossing the same piece of ground the allied armies fought over because some politicians think it is better for the UK to go it alone. I could go on, and on about this but…. ok enough, I’m starting to feel better already.

They say “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” we need to start again and build a new plan, for a fresh adventure.

Toodle Pip

Dave & Lesley

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